Fall 2024 Admissions

Settle the tuition, confirm admission and personal information

Agenda: Before the due date of tuition payment

  1. Settle the tuition and related fees before the due date.

  2. Log in to the Online Application System (OAS) to complete procedures such as confirming your admission and personal information. Please read the "New Student Handbook" carefully before confirming admission.[Postgraduate New Student Handbook (For Local New Students 2024/2025)/Postgraduate New Student Handbook (For Non-local New Students 2024/2025)]


Receive a student number and download the WeMust Student APP

Agenda: After the payment of tuition fees has been confirmed.

New students who have settled tuition fees will receive a student number and student email from late March 2024.

New students who already have a student number please click here to download the WeMust Student APP.

Apply for the dormitory
(for non-local new students)

Agenda: Apr 29 (12:00) - May 7 (12:00), 2024 (Notification will be sent via email)

New students who have received a student number can log in to the WeMust Student APP >Dormitory to apply for a dormitory and pay the related fees.

Order textbooks
(for programs with textbooks)

Agenda: May 10~31, 2024 

New students who have received a student number can log in to the WeMust Student APP during the mentioned period to order and pay for the materials.

Student VISA
(for students from mainland China)

Agenda: Right after receiving the Letter of Acceptance

The Letter of Acceptance will be sent out in batches from June 2024. After receiving the letter, please go to the office where your household registration is located immediately to apply for the EEP and a D visa for residence.

Online registration

Agenda: Before 18:00 Jul 25, 2024

Please log in to the Student Portal / WeMust Student APP to complete the online registration process after receiving the notification email.
(The admission qualification of those who fail to complete the online registration procedures before the deadline will be revoked. If there are special circumstances, please contact the School of Graduate Studies to apply for a delayed registration.)

Make an appointment for a health examination
(for non-local new students)

Agenda: After submitting the online registration

New students who have submitted online registration can log in to the WeMust Student APP to make appointments for health examinations.

Make an appointment for the in-person registration

Agenda: 18:00 Aug 19, 2024

Only those who have completed the online registration process can make an appointment for in-person registration.

Complete health examination at University Hospital
(for non-local new students)

Agenda: Aug 2024 (Appointed time)

Come to University Hospital on the scheduled date and time to complete the health examination. (New students holding Macau resident identity must go to hospitals or health centers in Macau to complete the medical examination before registration.)
(Click to view Guidelines for Health Examination.)

In-person registration

Agenda: Late Aug, 2024 (Appointed time)

Come to the University on the scheduled date and time to complete the in-person registration process. New students who fail to complete the registration procedures by the deadline will be affected in terms of admission and attendance in classes.

Courses enrolment

Agenda: Aug 20-30, 2024

Only those who have completed the online registration and passed the assessment can select courses on the WeMust Student Portal.

Commencement of Classes

Agenda: Sep 2, 2024

The first semester of the fall of 2024 begins. New students attend classes according to the class timetable. (Click to check the University Calendar for Academic Year 2024/2025)